Our Story.

In 2006, I had a desire to build a storage building company that would be established on the bedrock of Quality, Customer Service and Competitive Pricing. At the time, I was running a very large and successful metal roofing and construction company. The dilemma I faced was that during the winter months and the rainy spring season there were spans of weeks that I, along with my sons and crew, had nothing to do.

I'm a family man and my family is very important to me. My wife and I have been blessed with four sons and four daughters and when Liberty Storage Solutions, LLC was founded, it was with the hope that some day the company would be a blessing for all our family.

With the vision of creating a quality product and with my construction background, we went to work and purchased a two-acre parcel of land in Rowan County, NC that had a building on it, but with no floors or walls. So we went to work pouring concrete, framing walls, and installing large doors that would accommodate our construction needs. It seemed like it took a full week to build our first metal shed. But we kept at it. Like most small businesses, it was trial and error—and it seemed more error than trial—but we finally perfected our design, and we were up and running! All we needed were some outlets to sell the product

We decided that we would approach existing businesses and see if some would be willing to add our sheds to what they were already doing. The very first business I approached was Yard Stuff! Wayne Trexler, the owner, was very gracious as I sat in his office and told him about myself, our products and our business plan. A friendship was born and, on a handshake deal, we agreed to partner together. I value his friendship and the business relationship that we still enjoy to this day.

The business grew and we added more small dealers around us and then 2008 came and with it the economic downturn that crippled so many of us here in Central North Carolina. Even though it was a struggle, we continued to slowly grow and year by year increase the number of units that we built.

at the plant2-sm.jpg

In 2010, we surged forward by opening our first Super Center and launching our first web site. Our vision was to have our own company lots that carried enough products to bring customers to us for even more items. So we added gazebos, swing sets and carports to our line. We also started constructing high-end vinyl storage buildings that would be accepted by Home Owners Associations and desired by the most discerning customers.

By 2011, we were facing increasingly tough competition and we found ourselves at a crossroad. After much prayer and contemplation, we decided to go all in! We made strategic decisions to open lots in the more high profile areas of Statesville and Burlington in order to reach a broader customer base.

at the plant4-sm.jpg

In the early months of 2012, we opened a new manufacturing facility in Statesville, NC and began the process of building the best T1-11 storage buildings that money could buy. We were relentless in our pursuit of quality materials, superior craftsmanship and competitive pricing. On March 5, we put the first shed on the lot and have built thousands since that day!

By 2014, the company really started to expand! We started building and offering Painted buildings to the line up in January, followed by the top-of-the-line painted sheds, the Southern Classic. These lines were an instant home run!


To help expand our territory, in 2014, we also opened our sister company, Liberty Storage of South Carolina in Due West, SC. With our own manufacturing facility there and multiple locations now across South Carolina we are able to serve an even bigger market.

As our reputation has grown, so has the business. So much so, that we opened an even bigger manufacturing facility in Mocksville, NC in 2015 to keep up with the demand! This larger manufacturing facility also gave us the opportunity to also manufacture our own line of vinyl sheds and changed everything.

With the space needed to handle the manufacturing demands, Liberty has continued to add even more styles, like the Premier and more siding options, like Lap siding. The available options and designs are keeping pace with what our customers want next.

2015-05-19 09.51.54.jpg

The “simple shed” has become a catalyst for many backyard creations, from man-caves to the chic she-sheds and Liberty Storage Solutions is at the forefront of these trends. If you can dream it, we can build it!

We are excited as we continue to execute our business plan in the future and will continue to hold to the foundational values that this business was established on! And, we couldn’t do this without a wonderful customer base that has provided referrals and repeat business. We thank you!

Bobby Eaton
Founding Member, Liberty Storage Solutions