Swing Set Styles

Liberty Storage Solutions is proud to offer some of the finest swing and playsets available today! With more than 70 swing set models to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect one for your space. 

Our backyard playsets are made to last and can always be added onto as your family grows! All our models feature an exclusive two piece, thru-bolt post and swing beams; a patent-pending Easy 1-2-3 A-Frame swing set bracket; and the very best swing set accessories. You can rely on our swing sets to be the safest, strongest and most durable ones on the market. And they are fun! Choose from tire swings, huge slides, rock walls, swing beams, multiple clubhouses, and up to five play decks.

We offer four series of swing sets with multiple styles and models within each series. Learn more below!  


Straight-Based Series

The Straight-Based Series offers great choices if your property is sloped or uneven. There is no need to spend money on costly site preparation and landscaping services, as these swing sets use a unique leveling system.

These are the original and most popular design and offer the most activities beneath the play deck. With little added expense, these cedar swing sets can accommodate a sandbox, since the standard ground supports hold the sand. Other options include a built-in picnic table, and a completely enclosed bottom playhouse with a floor and four walls.

Click on the links below to learn more about each Straight-Based Series styles:

Angled-Based Series

The Angled-Based Series is another terrific design. With the wide stance of this set, a tire swing is the perfec accessory to go beneath the play deck, adding even more fun without taking up any additional property! These wooden swing sets are very popular among families looking for a tire swing, an activity that accommodates up to three kids. The property needs to be somewhat level for these wood playsets, but a slight incline will still work. These models, with wider bases, are especially appealing to adventurous children who love to climb and explore!

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Multi-Deck Series

The Multi-Deck Series is where you see all of the model designs combined, with tons of options and available accessories! These models feature straight vertical posts, and like the standard straight-based series, models can accommodate a picnic table, bottom playhouse or sandbox below the clubhouse. 

There are also multiple play decks to choose from, ranging from two to five there is a swing set to fill every size backyard. They work best on somewhat level ground.

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Free Standing Series

The Free-Standing Series feature the Classic A-Frame cedar swing set. With 8-foot high swing beam and with a 12' x 8' footprint, it is the most compact swing set we offer. With four different models to choose from and multiple options, there is a swing set to fit every family. Click here to learn more about each style.