Transom Dormers.

Adding a Transom Dormer is a great way to add stunning architectural detail and a generous amount of natural light into your shed! Both the Premier and Standard Transom Dormer Packages are available for almost all our shed styles.

Premier Transom Dormer


The Premier Transom Dormer is perfect for our larger sheds such as the Premier Shed. This dormer is an impressively long 10’6”. All this extra light streaming into your building can help transform your space into a beautiful home office, art studio, or any creative work space.

Standard Transom Dormer


The Standard Transom Dormer is perfect for almost any shed style. The 8-foot long looks great above double doors, a triple window, or even a single door. The extra light provided by all the glass panels brightens the space, making it ideal for handling special projects in your shed.

Transom Dormers are not available for treated wood or metal sheds.