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Those who live in the Charlotte metro area may have challenges when planning to purchase a shed due to Home Owners’ Association (HOA) limitations, County permit guidelines, and even limited space for shed deliveries.

The great news is that Liberty Storage Solutions can help solve these problems!

Most often, HOAs have specific requirements for siding and matching the home’s current exterior. At Liberty, we have the widest variety of siding including vinyl, painted, and lap for those who have Hardie® Board style siding. We can help get you approved!

In addition, county guidelines may limit the square footage of permitted sheds. Want additional space? Build up! Select higher walls for your shed and add a loft to instantly gain space inside your shed.

Certainly, another challenge can be adequate space for delivering a built shed to the backyard. We can help evaluate if standard delivery is an option or if a build-on-site is the best option.

We are here to help you overcome these challenges. Come visit us at one of our nearby locations or give us a call at 336-751-0599. We would love to work with you.