Play Mor Poly Play Set Series.

This polymer swing set line is like nothing you have seen before! It's easy to recognize the difference in quality and style from any other swing set line when you inspect these swing sets.

With a revolutionary technology, all wood is treated with a polymer coating. It's not just a covering, the poly coating is literally baked onto our Southern Yellow Pine wood pieces as a type of sealer. This means there is no need for painting or staining. Your play set will remain virtually maintenance free for a lifetime of fun.

Other companies merely wrap lumber with vinyl. This can lead to a noisy swing set as the unit moves, but worse, if a piece of the vinyl rips or tears, it will lead to leaking and eventually wood rot.

With our styles, options and quality that is backed with a 20 year limited warranty, you will be surprised at the affordability. There is truly nothing comparable in the market.

There are plenty of options and ways to customize your swing sets with canopy colors, sandbox covers, slides styles and colors, as well as swing accessories. Click on a Series Style below to learn more about each model.